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Dear friend,
Due to the current situation on the market: instability, higher security threats and other challenges with online shopping we decided to avoid online payment systems.
Usage of such systems is preventing us from providing you with the best support and limits our ability to choose the best suitable product for you.
Current purchase process that we suggest: first we are having a discussion and identifying a product that fits you best, then we are signing an agreement between you and chiromaitre and luxnukk. We are giving you a 5 years warranty on our product.
After signing the agreement we would like you to initiate a bank transfer to finnish bank account number. In 15 days you will get your product delivered.
Process we suggest is the only way to choose the right product and avoid unnecessary product return hassle for both luxnukk and you.
Personal approach is the base concept of our business. In order to provide a product that is suitable specially for you our staff will contact you in order to get information about your weight, height, general health condition and your wishes regarding the product. As a therapist I personally will choose the best product for you so you can enjoy, relax and get proper rest during sleep just as I do.
— Ion Boian therapist&founder
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