We are a small massage and manual therapies salon in the center of Helsinki. We will help you to get rid of the inconvenience in the body, to enjoy the joyful atmosphere, relax and feel the lightness on the first session.
Ion Boian
Founder & Therapist
I am a Japanese Manual Therapist (3rd level Yumeiho therapist) whose techniques are based on correcting postural instability.
I am also a master in osteopathy and soft chiropractic techniques, and a professional massage therapist practicing various kinds of efficient techniques depending on each customer's individual needs.
University of Oxford and Peak Sporting Performance Ltd
Osteopathic Techniques or OsteoTherapy by John Gibbons method (Shoulders, neck, spine cervical and column vertebrae). Also called manipulative therapy or manual therapy.
World Yumeiho Academy
Japanese Manual Therapist 3 Degree. Yumeiho Therapy based on postural instability.
Vice - President of R.A.C.A.M - Oleg Khazov. Saint Petersburg.
Diploma in Visceral Therapy & Vacuum Therapy
( 2 level ) from Professional Medical Association of Complementary and Alternative Medicine Accredited by Vice - President of R.A.C.A.M - Oleg Khazov. Saint Petersburg.

The E.P.D training center
Parasanitary and Sport School
Certified technical in Sport Chiromassage

Euroinnova Formation
Sport Massage Techniques
IFIC University of Valencia
Certified personal trainer
Spanish Professional Association of Sports Training Centers
Licensed instructor.
Our services

I love my work, and I love to help people.
I'll share with you everything
I've learned about wellbeing and health.
I want to see you satisfied, joyful, and full of energy.
Manual Therapy
Our Method is based on a mix of Japanese techniques of manual therapy (Yumeiho), soft osteopathic techniques by Jhon Gibbons method from Oxford University, professional sports massage from Spain, England, and other countries.

The therapist focuses on the joints, muscles, and spine.
Method intervention can help treat arthritis, back pain, headaches, tennis elbow, digestive issues, and postural problems.

Treatment can also assist with sleep cycles and the nervous, circulatory, and lymphatic symptoms.
The Therapy can provide relief and treatment for a wide range of conditions.

These include:
  • arthritis
  • foot, ankle, hip, and knee pain
  • back pain, neck pain, and sciatica
  • hand, shoulder, and elbow pain
  • headaches
  • tennis and golfer's elbow
  • postural problems due to pregnancy, sports injury, driving or work strain, or digestive issues
  • neuralgia
A therapist can also detect conditions that are not treatable through the method, to refer patients to other specialists.

Physical examination:

The therapist will physically examine the patient. Patient privacy will be respected during this process.
The examination may take some time.
The patient will be asked to demonstrate simple stretches and movements to help the therapist make an accurate analysis of their posture and mobility.
The therapist will also assess the health of the joints, ligaments, and tissues, using a highly trained technique of touch known as palpation.
The therapy method will propose a treatment plan to meet the patient's needs.
This will include the number of sessions likely to be needed, although this number may change depending on the patient's response to treatment.
The method emphasizes self-healing, so a therapist may also advise dietary changes, home exercise programs, and lifestyle adjustments.
The therapy and hands-on work are gentle, but due to the physical work being carried out, a patient may feel sore for the first 24 to 48 hours.
Treatment involves gentle and subtle bodywork, especially of the muscles and soft tissues. The therapist may stretch or massage the muscle.

Prevention advice can involve:
  • stretching exercises
  • lifting techniques
  • posture
  • breathing
  • stress reduction
These techniques can help improve posture and reduce pain. Learning to lift with the legs, for example, and to roll your body before exercise can reduce injury.

Lifestyle changes can dramatically improve health and reduce ongoing health risks and costs.

Preventing injury means more time keeping active, less time off work, and freedom to enjoy the benefits of healthful living.

45 min — €65

60 min — €75

Manual Therapy Massage
Japanese manual therapy(Yumeiho)
With this therapeutic technique, body parts and joints are manipulated in a natural and painless manner, focusing in particular on the control of the spine and pelvic position. Japanese manual therapy remedies the body's position relieves muscular tension and pain on the back and legs improves the functioning of the body's organs and accelerates the body's entire metabolism. After the treatment, the feeling is of being "re-born" - the feet feel light, the body is relaxed and the mind is refreshed!

Please note: take extra pants and shirts, on yumeiho therapy the therapist and the customer both wear thin clothes, in order to facilitate the movements
60 min — €85
90 min — €125
Visceral Therapy
Visceral therapy is a gentle manual therapy technique that assesses the relationship between the body's organs (e.g. bladder, bowel, uterus, etc) and other structures, like muscles, fascia, ligaments, and joints.

The organs in our body have a certain range of movement that is normal, just like our joints, they need to move within a normal range so we can function.

The movement of an organ can be restricted by surgical scars, adhesions, infection, illness, poor posture, or traumatic injury. A restriction prevents the "gliding and sliding" action of the organ over other structures within the body, creating an area of fixation. Our body learns to accommodate by moving around this area of tension, and over time this repeated movement leads to chronic irritation and inflammation-causing musculoskeletal, neural, and visceral dysfunction.

Visceral therapy has been effective in the treatment of:

  • Pelvic Floor Dysfunction
  • Chronic Pelvic Pain
  • Fibroids & Cysts
  • Endometriosis
  • Dysmenorrhea
  • Dyspareunia
  • Infertility
  • Interstitial Cystitis
  • Bladder urgency/frequency
  • Bladder incontinence
  • Prostatitis
  • Urinary and sexual dysfunction associated with an enlarged prostate
  • Referred penile and testicular pain
  • Constipation and Bloating
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • GERD, Acid Reflux
  • Chronic Spinal Dysfunction
  • Sciatica
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Joint Pain
  • Post Operative Scar Tissue
  • Anxiety and Depression
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Generally, abdominal therapy is safe for most people provided it's done in a gentle and safe manner:
Don't have abdominal therapy if you've had recent abdominal surgery.
Talk to your doctor before getting abdominal therapy if you're pregnant or have any health concerns.
It's best that you don't eat any heavy or spicy foods for a few hours before and after an abdominal therapy
Drink plenty of water after the therapy.

60 min — €65
Vacuum Therapy
Vacuum Therapy is a technique that is used to promote health and healing by:: loosening soft tissue and connective tissue, scarring, and adhesions moving stagnation, and increasing lymphatic flow and circulation. This therapy is non-invasive and utilizes glass cups and vacuum suction. These cups are moved over the skin using gliding, shaking, popping, and rotating techniques while gently pulling up on the cup, or maybe parked for a short time to facilitate joint mobilization or soft tissue release. Suction reaches deep into the soft tissue and organs.

Two of the benefits of this procedure are to diminish the appearance of cellulite and to plump and lift the buttocks area. The procedure requires more than one treatment and may produce a reduction in the appearance of cellulite and enhancement of the butt cheeks. The total number of treatments will vary between individuals.

Vacuum Therapy and myofascial release are both treatments that many athletes seek out for injury rehabilitation. Like most other forms of injury rehabilitation, vacuum therapy is all about increasing blood flow to an affected area, relaxing muscles, and accelerating the recovery process.

Other Benefits of Vacuum Therapy:

  • Raises, Enlarges, And Reaffirms The Gluteus And Breasts Without Surgeries
  • Increases The Skin Flexibility
  • Releases The Venous And Lymphatic Flow
  • Exfoliates The Epidermis Making Skin Softer
  • Stimulates Dermis And Hypodermis
  • Decreases Muscle Tension
  • Clears the body of debris, removes congestion
  • Increases immune function
  • Decreases or relieves pain and inflammation
  • Releases deep muscle tension
  • Releases and softens scar tissue
  • Increases range of movement
  • Improves circulation
  • Opens energy flow of body
  • Buttocks lifting, plumping, and smoothing
  • Skin & muscle smoothing
60 min — €65
Sports massage
Many different movements and techniques are used in sports massage. Examples of these techniques include; Swedish style massage, effleurage (stroking), petrissage (kneading), compression, friction, tapotement (rhythmic striking), vibration, gliding, stretching, percussion, and trigger points. These movements and techniques are used to try to help the athlete's body achieve maximum performance and physical conditioning with a decreased chance of injury or pain and a quicker recovery.

Many benefits from sports massage have been reported based on experience and observation. Some are beneficial to the mind (psychological) and some to the body (physiological).

Some of the reported benefits of sports massage include:

  • Increased joint range of motion (ROM)
  • Increased flexibility
  • Increased sense of well-being
  • Decreased muscle tension
  • Decreased neurological excitability (nerves more relaxed)
  • Decreased muscle spasms
  • Better sleep
    • Increased blood flow
    • Increased elimination of exercise waste products (lactic acid)
    • Decreased chance of injury
    • Decreased recovery time between workouts
  • Side Effects
    Possible side effects of sports massage are tenderness or stiffness for 1 to 2 days after the sports massage. A skin reaction due to the massage oils is also possible. But for the most part, sports massage is safe.
  • Sports massage is a systematic manipulation of the soft tissues of the body that focuses on muscles relevant to a particular sport. Runner Paavo Nurmi, known as the "Flying Finn," was one of the early users of sports massage. Nurmi is said to have used sports massage during the 1924 Olympics in Paris where he won five gold medals
  • Jack Meagher, co-founder of Wilson Meagher Sports Therapy®
45 min — 55
60 min — €65

Classical massage
Massage is one of the oldest therapeutic forms in the world and has many beneficial effects on the body. Touching plays an important role in human well-being: it creates security, helps us relax, and feel connected with people around us. Classical massage uses a variety of massage techniques such as brushing, rubbing, wringing, pressing, and tapping - which reduces the pain and tension in the muscles. Classical massage improves blood circulation, relaxes the muscles, and provides sensory stimulation.
45 min — 55
60 min — €65
Massage Therapy
Anti-Cellulite Massage
In Our Anti-Cellulite massage you can note difference after the first session, we explain and correct the function of muscle which causes the symptoms, stimulates the deep layers of the skin and the muscle, encouraging the flow of oxygenated blood to the area, which provides the nutrients necessary to improve the condition of your skin, as well as helping the lymphatic system to remove any toxins and excess fluid. Oil application is combined with fast-paced, firm movements onto the skin, including the brush technique, knuckle technique, and grid maneuver onto the skin"s connective tissue. This results in physically breaking up these deposits, and promoting better circulation in the area. Massages may alleviate the visible symptoms of cellulite but are a short-term solution for dealing with the underlying problem. Long-term results can be achieved by supporting massage treatments with a healthy lifestyle.

Good to know!
  • This treatment is not suited for customers who cannot manage some physical discomfort.
  • The result you can see even after the first session
  • It's important to note that these full benefits can only be achieved after a few sessions. Effective cellulite reduction requires a combined approach.
  • Regular targeted massage may contribute to a reduction in visible cellulite as part of a wider lifestyle change.
  • Anti-Cellulite therapy provides the best results when combined with a diet rich in vitamins and minerals, regular exercise, and plenty of water
  • Treatment may result in bruising. Inform your therapist if your skin bruises easily
60 min — €65
Pregnancy massage
During our therapy, a massage therapist will make a good position for your body, will support your body with pillows, that your position will be on the side safely, you will not lie on your stomach to avoid the pressure on your baby. With that position you will get treatment for your legs, back, arms, neck very comfortably.
read benefits...

  • Improved sleep quality. Deep tissue massage helps the increased production of melatonin hormone and serotonin compounds in the body. When a pregnant woman receives a massage, it improves the quality of her sleep which promotes a good overall effect on the body.
  • Lowers stress and anxiety levels. Cortisol is referred to as the stress hormone. When a pregnant woman is introduced to massage therapy as part of prenatal care, the level of cortisol in her body is reduced significantly. This lets her experience good hormones that have been known to improve mood, vitality, and immunity.
  • Lessens swelling of the joints. It is a common occurrence during pregnancy and is caused by low circulation and extra pressure on the blood vessels. In order to stimulate the soft tissues and lower the buildup of fluids in swollen joints.
  • Alleviates muscle pain and cramps. Pregnant women also commonly experience muscle pain and cramps. These discomforts usually occur due to muscular tension and heightened motor neuron activity.
  • Reduces nerve pain. A number of women experience sciatic nerve pain, especially in the late stages of their pregnancy. This is because their uterus rests on the muscles in the lower back and pelvic floor. When this happens, the pressure extends tension to the upper and lower leg muscles which results in swelling in these areas.
  • Lowers risk for premature birth. Studies have shown that pregnant mothers who regularly received prenatal massage therapy were less likely to encounter a premature birth as compared to women who did not get a massage throughout their pregnancy.
  • Reduces the baby's stress hormones. Apart from helping the pregnant mother, massage also lowers the stress hormones in the baby. Research has shown that massage plays a vital factor in raising the baby's cortisol levels even if they are still inside their mother's womb. Because of this, it is safe to say that mothers aren't the only ones who receive the health benefits of pregnancy massage

60 min — €65
Personal trainer
The training program includes:
Not just exercises for pumping certain muscle groups. A holistic approach awaits you - nutrition and training, which will revitalize the whole body, improve appearance and health.

Training complexes
Combined training complexes for working out the muscles of the pelvic floor, opening the chest, eliminating stoop, swelling, and adhesions, and improving articulation of the spine
Lectures and lessons on women's health, anatomy, dangerous misconceptions in core muscle training, recommendations, life hacks, and tips on how to stay fit without strong restrictions. Nutrition plans and instructions on how to test yourself for muscle imbalances: pelvic floor, core, neck, diaphragm.

Those who are important to me choose:
  • Get rid of swelling on the face and cellulite on the hips.
  • Reduce stress and its effect on the body and face.
  • Improve the posture and functionality of the whole body.
  • Make the stomach flat without changing nutrition.
  • Improve the quality of intimate life.
  • Get rid of incontinence, hemorrhoids, and other postpartum consequences
What will you learn with me
  • Closer and achieve the dream of having a flat tummy.
  • We will begin to move efficiently and easily in everyday life.
  • Improve tissue mobility.
  • Improve posture and remove back pain.
  • Forget about incontinence and hemorrhoids.
  • Learn to eat right.
Your results:
Tighten your belly
Thanks to the training of the pelvic floor muscles and work with the diaphragm, you turn on the deep muscles of the cortex, which will make your stomach taut, pleasure will become brighter and more controlled, critical days are painless, hemorrhoids and stress incontinence will pass.
Make your posture smoother
Thanks to a set of exercises for opening the thoracic region, you will stop slouching, strengthen your back muscles, and improve the general appearance of your figure.
Improve your health
Thanks to myofascial release and breathing practices, you will get rid of morning swelling on your face and improve your complexion, remove cellulite and orange peel on your hips, and lose weight

1 x 90 minutes session includes a gym fee, 60 minutes of training, and 30 minutes of consultation (discussion about healthy body mobility, nutrition, and finding the right forms of training). Training can be provided in the gym, in the park, on our place, online.

90 min — €85
Eerikinkatu 25, Helsinki, Finland
[email protected]
+358 45 642 32 42
Our hours:
Mon - Sat, 12:00am - 6:00pm
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