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With our products you always sleep soundly, they will take care of it, and feel after sleeping a new body.
They will never disappoint you.
High quality
Our products are uniquely designed for sound and deep sleep, without any sound
Our products are made with quality materials
We have more than 15 years in healthy industry
Our specialist will advise you to choose exactly what you need
We'll help you find the perfect combination for you.
We care about the right choice and we will help you with all questions.
–°ontact us for more information about order and selection
Work experience, practice life, everything that surrounds me, the goods that are sold to us, made me bring more benefit to my customers. In 18 years of working in the field of health, I have heard the answer to the question how do you sleep? I sleep very poorly or not at all. This led me to wonder if there was anything else I could do to help. And yes, I came up with the idea of a good mattress that has been with me for 15 years I will not sell it, I will not take it out, I will not give it away. Because i sleep died on it, and I will leave it possible for the client to have the same.
The technology of the mattress is unique, it has all the qualities. It will improve your blood circulation, lymph, muscles will be relaxed, when you are on it, you practically do not feel your body, as if you are in the air. He picks you up and holds you, the feeling is indescribable. It is silent, it absorbs all the movements of your partner. You won't feel when someone lay down next to you, or when you got up. The mattress does not transmit the vibration of the partner. Well, the most important thing is that in simple mattresses various parasites are introduced, With these mattresses, there is no such thing, specific materials of designs do not allow, so is hypoallergenic, anti-mite and antibacterial, plus it does not age, does not dampen, it breathes, In addition, its thermoregulatory particles will help you maintain the optimal temperature while you rest.
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Who we are
  • Ion Boian
    Ion Boian
    Founder Of LuxNukk
    Owner at ChiroMaitre
    Founder of ChiroSportTherapy - Holistic body method.
    Manual Therapist at Chiromaitre
    More at Chiromaitre.com

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