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I will speak here as a friend, as a therapist.
All that bothers me is that you are healthier, and really sleep soundly and get enough sleep

Lattice base bed
This type of structure was invented a long time ago, in order to save money, flexibility, improve cargo transportation, and so that mattresses could be ventilated. Does it work with a number of mattresses, of course works. But it will be effective in my opinion no longer. I've been through this before. I changed beds, changed mattresses, until I found out that there were other options better
The motorized articulated bed frame
The motorized articulated bed frame
This is a very good model, and an invention, of course, it is good for its business, with a flat bottom this can not be repeated, but a person who needs this will be very comfortable. But again, but, which mattress will fit, of course not all mattresses here will work. It is best to talk to a professional
Solid base
This type of structure fits all mattresses, all, why? It is lightweight, it is economical, it is durable, it breathes, and most importantly for a number of modern technologies that have mattresses it is 100% suitable. When choosing a mattress or structure, our employee will ask you a number of questions to accurately, clearly, correctly choose one or the other so that you enjoy a full sleep and rest. And they stopped running to the doctors for various reasons. Since the mattress is properly selected, and its base, they will take care of you, and you will be burning again and again with the desire to lie down and rest. Strong sleep is deep recovery process for all body systems. Make the right choice
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Dream Young Gel

The Dream Young Gel viscoelastic mattress has 5 cm of ViscoProgression Gel. This mattress combines the comfort of traditional viscoelastic, characterized by its sensation of softness and weightlessness, with the excellent thermal regulation provided by the gel particles. BasicPlus. This viscoelastic mattress belongs to our Basic+ range, and is made with cheap materials to offer you the best prices on the market. This mattress is valid for any age, but it is especially recommended during childhood and youth:
Its studied composition favors optimal rest and collaborates in the correct growth of the child.
Its materials are designed to resist any weight, therefore it is valid for any age
Comfort This viscoelastic youth mattress is padded with ViscoProgression Gel, which offers adaptability and freshness thanks to the combination of viscogel and super soft foam. Behind this layer we find its high-density Aircell support that gives it high firmness. In addition, this mattress has the AirFlow System that will offer you maximum breathability while you rest. ViscoProgression Gel Composed of a combination of two layers with different qualities:
Viscoelastic with gel particles: Provides adaptability and memory in the reception, and its gel inserts help maintain an optimal temperature during the night
Aircell SoftTouch: Very soft and breathable foam to provide soft comfort
ViscoProgression Gel: 5cm
Aircell Support
Airflow System
Total thickness: 15, 17 and 21 cm
Recommended pillows.
soft: soft
Firm: Firm
Balanced: Visco One
This mattress is served rolled up, vacuum packed
Stretch elastic fabric: Soft touch and excellent breathability
Side: Highly breathable 3D fabric
comfort materials
5 cm of ViscoProgression, a combination of two different layers that give the mattress a progressive lie:
Viscoelastic ViscoGel with gel particles provides adaptability and freshness
Aircell SoftTouch provides softness and breathability
Aircell® foam: High density and firmness foam
Treatments and qualities
Highly breathable materials to prevent moisture accumulation in the mattress and provide a fresh and healthy rest
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