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Lattice base bed
This type of structure was invented a long time ago, in order to save money, flexibility, improve cargo transportation, and so that mattresses could be ventilated. Does it work with a number of mattresses, of course works. But it will be effective in my opinion no longer. I've been through this before. I changed beds, changed mattresses, until I found out that there were other options better
The motorized articulated bed frame
The motorized articulated bed frame
This is a very good model, and an invention, of course, it is good for its business, with a flat bottom this can not be repeated, but a person who needs this will be very comfortable. But again, but, which mattress will fit, of course not all mattresses here will work. It is best to talk to a professional
Solid base
This type of structure fits all mattresses, all, why? It is lightweight, it is economical, it is durable, it breathes, and most importantly for a number of modern technologies that have mattresses it is 100% suitable. When choosing a mattress or structure, our employee will ask you a number of questions to accurately, clearly, correctly choose one or the other so that you enjoy a full sleep and rest. And they stopped running to the doctors for various reasons. Since the mattress is properly selected, and its base, they will take care of you, and you will be burning again and again with the desire to lie down and rest. Strong sleep is deep recovery process for all body systems. Make the right choice
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Nirvana Scale Diamond

The Best bed Nirvana mattress is characterized by its adaptable firmness. Both concepts come together in this mattress to offer you a comfortable bed without sinking. Composed of various layers of maximum density comfort, accompanied by its Titanium Spring spring casing. This mattress is one of our top sellers for its unbeatable value for money. This mattress combines different layers of comfort that manage to create a great reception and adaptability and at the same time achieve a high firmness. We found Visco Atomic Progression + GraphenoFirm Ergonomic + Biomemory + BioFoam. Adaptability, durability, comfort and perfectly aligned spine. Behind these layers we find a Titanium Spring pocket spring support, with 7 ergonomic zones. It is ideal for those looking to buy a mattress with high firmness but without losing adaptability. Visco Atomic Progression This mattress has Visco Atomic Progression, a combination of two different layers that give the mattress a progressive lie:
Visco Atomic: which, thanks to its honeycomb-shaped cellular composition, provides extra breathability and adaptability
Aircell SoftTouch: which will provide an excellent and soft welcome
BioMemory 85 kg/m3 This mattress has a layer of high-density viscoelastic Biomemory 85 kg/m3. This viscoelastic is made by replacing some of its synthetic components with others of natural origin, such as soybeans. It has a high adaptability that serves to eliminate pressure points and ensure that your spine rests in the ideal position. GraphenoFirm 40kg/m3 This mattress has a maximum firmness foam layer. Thanks to this foaming you will obtain consistency when lying down. Supports heavy weights and will prevent sinking. This foam includes graphene nanofibers in its composition, this technology has hydrophobic properties so it repels liquids, delaying the formation of mites and bacteria and preventing moisture. In addition, the hyperconductivity of graphene provides the set with thermoregulatory properties, maintaining an optimal temperature for rest. BioFoam Layer of progressive foaming, gives the mattress the ideal adaptability so that you maintain an optimal posture and keep your spine aligned. This layer helps to improve the progressive lying of the set. Titanium Springs. This support facilitates the distribution of body weight to each spring individually, providing a homogeneous and comfortable support. Its 7 ergonomic zones will keep your spine aligned, in the optimal posture for a restful sleep.
ViscoAtomic Progression: 5cm
Biomemory 85kg/m3: 3cm
GrapheneFirm Ergonomic 40kg/m3: 5 cm
BioFoam: 4cm
Titanium Spring pocket springs
Airflow System
Overall thickness: 31cm
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