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I will speak here as a friend, as a therapist.
All that bothers me is that you are healthier, and really sleep soundly and get enough sleep

Lattice base bed
This type of structure was invented a long time ago, in order to save money, flexibility, improve cargo transportation, and so that mattresses could be ventilated. Does it work with a number of mattresses, of course works. But it will be effective in my opinion no longer. I've been through this before. I changed beds, changed mattresses, until I found out that there were other options better
The motorized articulated bed frame
The motorized articulated bed frame
This is a very good model, and an invention, of course, it is good for its business, with a flat bottom this can not be repeated, but a person who needs this will be very comfortable. But again, but, which mattress will fit, of course not all mattresses here will work. It is best to talk to a professional
Solid base
This type of structure fits all mattresses, all, why? It is lightweight, it is economical, it is durable, it breathes, and most importantly for a number of modern technologies that have mattresses it is 100% suitable. When choosing a mattress or structure, our employee will ask you a number of questions to accurately, clearly, correctly choose one or the other so that you enjoy a full sleep and rest. And they stopped running to the doctors for various reasons. Since the mattress is properly selected, and its base, they will take care of you, and you will be burning again and again with the desire to lie down and rest. Strong sleep is deep recovery process for all body systems. Make the right choice
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Best Bed Prana

This mattress belongs to our Diamond range, and is designed with very high quality materials to offer you the best features on the market. The Bestbed Prana pocket spring mattress stands out for its high adaptability, without sacrificing firmness. The maximum density LuxeFoam viscoelastic (120 kg/m3) together with the Naturcell natural foam layer will make you feel like you are floating. To balance out the feel, the FirmSpring pocket spring mount adds a firm touch to prevent sag. Thanks to the padding with ViscoProgression Titanium, we achieve an anti-stress effect due to the high conductivity of the titanium particles inserted in the viscoelastic material. And to give it a plus of excellence and that when you lie down you have a sensation of sublime comfort, the fabric of the cover will take care of keeping the temperature at the optimum point so that you sleep soundly. LuxeFoam 120 kg/m3 LuxeFoam memory foam is the material with the highest density on the market (120 kg/m3). This gives the mattress great durability and also incredible adaptability. Thanks to its 55kg/m3 Naturcell layer you will feel like you are floating on the water. High resilience foam that generates a weightless effect and provides very high adaptability. Firm Springs The support of this mattress is FirmSpring pocket springs, of high quality, durability and firmness. It provides individual adaptability to each area of ​​the body thanks to the independence of each spring, while maintaining high firmness to keep your spine in the ideal posture. It includes a reinforced perimeter to prevent sinking at the ends of the mattress. ClimaSense fabric High technology incorporated into the thread with which the top mattress cover fabric is made. It actively regulates the temperature, so that if you feel cold it gives you a little warmth, and if you feel hot you feel cool. Forget waking up sweating at night. Find out exactly how this technology works in the ClimaSense tab.
ViscoProgression Titanium: 5 cm
LuxeFoam (120kg/m3): 4cm
Naturcell (55 kg/m3): 4 cm
Aircell Firm damper: 3cm
FirmSpring Pocket Springs
AirCell System
Overall thickness: 29cm
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