Big size cups for chest , stomach, buttocks

  • Material: Plastic
  • Application: Body
  • Suction Cup Size: 12cm
  • Item Type: Chest, Buttocks, Stomach
  • Power: Vacuum Suction Pum

Name: cupping device
  • Material: A transparent plastic
  • Configuration: cup 2 connecting pipes and 1 ventilator
  • The cup rim is made of silicone gel
  • Air pump material: ABS material
  • Users: adults
  • It doesn't need electricity.Safe, durable and portable.
  • Including extension hose, very convenient to use.
  • 100% new and high quality!
  • Excavation is the best deep tissue massage.
  • It has good penetration effect and large drawing force.
  • Improves immunity and muscle function.
  • Self-medicating at home is easier and safer to reach.
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